peace_4379c“E” is for Energy

Energy or in my case, lack of same, is one of the things in life I continue to blame time for stealing. Is it only me or did any of you used to have more energy?

Conversely, as time marches on, could it be that we allow perceived obligations to drain our batteries—as I have done more than once leaving the lights on in my car?

Far too often during the Christmas season, I find myself attempting to do too many things which truly do not bring me any closer to God. I find myself consumed in activities which do not allow me to share the love of Christmas with family and friends.

At these times I really need to turn to God in prayer for guidance in sorting out my priorities.

So the next time you feel like you just can’t find the time or the energy to handle the days leading up to Christmas, consider turning to the Lord in prayer. Let us remember the words of Psalm 46.1

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in our trouble.”

These meditations are given to Christ Church as a Christmas gift from a parishioner who wishes to remain anonymous. Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved