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Dear Friends,

Why do you value Sunday worship? Here are some of the reasons I have heard over the years:

  • Worship provides me with necessary perspective and guidance for my life;
  • In coming into God’s presence, I find my faith renewed on a weekly basis;
  • I deepen my knowledge and love of God;
  • I learn to cultivate habits of the heart that raise me to new life in Christ;
  • Church is a calm space amid the madness of daily life;
  • Church provides me with a spiritual center from which to draw strength;
  • I discover more about the Scriptures and of God’s nature and love;
  • I enter more fully into Jesus’ vision of the Kingdom of God;
  • I discover hope and meaning for my life;
  • I learn to adore God and to allow the Holy Spirit to raise me into his presence; and
  • I come to get a rest.

These are all wonderful reasons, and there are many more besides. There is one more I ask you to consider and it is this: The worshipping church provides us… and society… with a necessary spiritual and moral foundation for living the abundant life. Without that foundation, our culture will splinter and find itself without any basis for unity or peace. As we hear in the ominous last line of the Book of Judges, “and everyone did what was right in their own eyes.”

More than ever, we need to secure the foundation, so that our Gospel: the word of life and love, will prosper in our desperately broken and confused world. I thank you in advance for your continuing generosity to our parish.

In Christ’s love,
The Rev. Canon James D. Shoucair

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

stewardship17draft1Q: What is a pledge?

A: It is a deliberate response we choose to make to God’s grace in our lives. It is a statement of our support for God’s work through Christ Church. It is a commitment we make to our parish community.

Q: How much should I pledge?

A: Only you, after prayerful consideration, can answer that question! It might help you to reflect on:

  • How Christ Church supports you in your spiritual journey.
  • What Christ Church means to you in your daily life.
  • How you want to support the ministries of Christ Church.

Q: If my life circumstances change, may I change my pledge?

A: Absolutely. Your pledge is not a legal promise, but is a joyful support for the ongoing life of the church. You may change it (down or up!) at any time!