Walk to Canterbury III

Canterbury Cathedral is the Mother Church of the Anglican Communion and the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Its history dates back to the year 597 when St. Augustine established his seat (or “Cathedra”) in Canterbury. In 1170 Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered in the Cathedral, and ever since the cathedral has attracted thousands of pilgrims. The Cathedral is located in Canterbury, Kent in the United Kingdom, and is approximately 3,725 miles (5,995 kilometers) from Pittsburgh.

The history of pilgrimages to the Cathedral has inspired a fund-raising project for the Christ Church Music Program with a minimal amount of effort by all involved. We have successfully completed the walk twice before, and we now begin our third journey. The theme of the campaign is to participate in a one way virtual walk from Pittsburgh to Canterbury, and to involve as many parishioners as possible. Since it is a virtual walk, the ability to swim is not    required.

The program begins on May 14 and runs through July 30. Registration will occur after both Sunday services on May 14, with an additional registration on Sunday, May 21 for  those who are unable to register on the previous Sunday . Or you may register online below. (Scroll Down for registration.)

Each participant will use their own smart phone or fitness device to compute their daily steps. At least once a week, they will log their total miles walked via email (jon.kolenchak@ChristChurchPGH.org)  – Include “Canterbury Walk” in the subject field.)

Participants will wear their pedometers from May 14 through July 30.

Each walker will need one (or more) sponsors. The sponsor would agree to donate one of the following, based on the total amount of miles walked by the person that they are sponsoring:

PLAN A: A donation of  25 cents per mile walked for the total miles walked.
PLAN B: A donation of 50 cents per mile with a maximum donation of $50.

What if you can’t find a sponsor? Then you may sponsor yourself. The benefits are many. You can earn money for the church by simply doing what you normally do every day. Or, you could try to walk just a little more, and make this tiny lifestyle change to improve your health,  In the end, everyone is a little more healthy and the church is a little more wealthy.

If you have any questions, please email me. (jon.kolenchak@ChristChurchPGH.org)

Thank you for your support,

Jon Kolenchak
Organist & Choirmaster, Christ Church