Red Door & More Hoagie Sale – September 24

Take Lunch Home with you on September 24! Pittsburgh Steelers are playing ​the Chicago Bears at Chicago. What better way to support our beloved Steelers than to have lunch for all your friends and watch the game together. Order and Sign-up on the form at our new Gallery sign-up desk through September 20 or use the form below! For just $6.00 a piece, you get mouth-watering, Fresh 12-inch Bread Works Buns topped with fresh, scrumptious, deli meats, cheeses and veggies made by Produce Plus Market in Bellevue. You have three options to choose from: Fresh Italian, Turkey and Veggie Hoagies. These tasty, delectably, delicious subs will be delivered FRESH to the Church on June 18 and will be available for pick up, after all services, to be taken home and enjoyed by you! All proceeds ($3.00 of each hoagie) go to the Red Door Campaign! Go on!! Who can resist? Order today and pay when you pick up your order on September 24. ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY SEPTEMBER 20.

Made by: Produce Plus Market and Deli (Lincoln Ave., Bellevue) on a 12″ Breadworks Bun
Italian: Ham, Salami, Capicola and Provolone Cheese, with lettuce, tomato and Italian Dressing on the side.
Turkey: Turkey and Provolone Cheese, with lettuce, tomato and mayo on the side.
Veggie: Sweet Peppers, Cucumbers, Broccoli, Cauliflower and American Cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo on the side.