FirstAdventEditedNovember 30, 2014

Ups and downs are part of our daily lives. Meaning and Hope are sometimes hard to come by, even for us believers. Church on Sunday is a renewal of hope, and going most Sundays is a way of remaining hopeful. But at times at any time of the year I can capture the wonderful joy and positive outlook of my favorite celebration, Christmas. I love Christmas and the music. I even love the commercial side of it … within limits or course.  I will periodically, during any part of the year, put a Christmas CD in the car and smile where ever I am driving. Advent is on us, and it is a harbinger of impending Christmas and also inspires me with a sense of coming goodness, and I know it is not just about Christmas coming, far more. But it does serve as an introductory season that leads into Christmas. Put on a Christmas CD sometime in June and enjoy! I am doing so more frequently as Advent and Christmas approach.

Bruce Q.