SecondEditedLike many young families, our finances were often strained past the point of even being able to pay for essentials for three growing boys during the early years of our marriage. The financial strain of Christmas annually put us past the point of solvency temporarily.

Yet, our blessed Christmas Memory occurred in the last 1990’s when our oldest son was no more than six or seven with our twins a few years younger. Finances were so tight we had asked family to please consider buying the boys clothes. Amazingly, as the boys opened presents from their Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, the true blessing of joy expressed after each shirt or pair of pants was unwrapped surpassed our wildest expectations.

Somehow, Marianne had found a means to fulfill the boys’ one big request, roller blades. While the twins were too young for actual roller blades she had found them a convertible version that transitioned from two wheels in back and front to the a single series line skates.

After everyone had left, the skating began.

Skating which consisted of at first, going around in a small circle through our home holding on to walls and parents. Skating which advanced down to a 20 degree two-car garage wearing, helmets, knee/elbow pads,  snow pants and winter coats for protection. Skating which for all the slips and falls filled our home and my heart with the joy of Christmas, a blessed memory we hope to never forget.

A Blessed Christmas Memory 1998

Marianne & Rick M.