FOURTHEditedI‘ve had a really hard time trying to write this Advent/Christmas article. I wondered what miracles I had experienced during this time in the past. So I tried to remember when I was a child or at least younger than I am now. One thing really stuck in my mind and kept coming back to me…CHRISTMAS EVE. My family always went to church late that night. For many years, my brother sang in the choir…my mom, dad, and I were always in the congregation. At midnight when it actually became Christmas Day, my dad would look over at me, smile, and say, “Merry Christmas, sweetie”…the first one to say it to me each year! My dad was my hero…and it would always make me feel all warm inside! After the service was over, we would exchange greetings with the rest of the congregation…and then go outside to start for home. And it would ALWAYS be snowing…even if there was no prediction for a white Christmas. I guess I connected my dad and the snow and that warm feeling…and as I look back, that was MY Christmas miracle. My dad died when I was only 20 years old…but Christmas Eve always brings back that wonderful memory of him.

Joan D.