ThirdEDITEDWhile memories of spending Christmas with family and friends will always be cherished, I have to say that one memory sticks out from my college career. I believe it was my sophomore or junior year when all of my finals were back to back on the last two days of school. This time of year always seems to be hectic as people are making holiday plans, doing their Christmas shopping on top of their daily routines of work and extra curricular activities. I felt the rush of Christmas being upon me along with the added pressure of studying for all of my final exams.

While the details of how I arrived home from my last final are fuzzy to me, I remember sitting in my living room at home later that night with all the lights turned off. The glow of Christmas tree and television (It’s a Wonderful Life was on) kept me warm. I sat on the couch admiring the beauty of Christmas tree; it had white lights, with red and gold ornaments from top to bottom. My mother had used only the best and most beautiful ornaments with her themed tree. Finally, I breathed a sigh of relief that just for a few minutes that I didn’t have to worry about studying for any classes, working to earn money for gifts for others, or really anything. I was filled with such an inner peace that it felt like I could float away.  It was so relaxing and addicting.

In a way, isn’t this what the Advent season should be about; becoming addicted to inner peace? My favorite Christmas carol is Silent Night and the lyrics, “All is calm, all is bright” just mean Christmas to me. It may not be calm and bright forever, but it should remind us to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life whether it is a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, the gift of being with family and friends, or just life in general.  Blessings to you and your family this Christmas season!

Kim Z.