ThirdEDITEDWhen I was growing up in Meadville, PA I attended Christ Church Episcopal.  At Christmas time my family always participated in their Holiday Gift program, in which members of the congregation delivered packages and/or holiday meals on Christmas Eve.  One specific Christmas Eve has remained in my mind since I was a young teenager.

After the Children’s Service ended on Christmas Eve, we discovered that many needy families qualified to receive both gifts and food.  We selected a family’s address where we would be making our delivery.  When we arrived at the home, the parents answered the door.  We told them, “We are from Christ Church Episcopal.  We have this Holiday Meal for your family and these presents for your children.”  Looking quite surprised, the husband turned to his wife and said, “They must have found out about the fire.”  Then the wife broke down and said to us, “Thank you!  Thank you for putting the only presents under the tree that my children will receive this year.”

I remember feeling both proud and blessed after making that Christmas Eve delivery.  I was happy that my Church helped needy families for the Holidays.  And that Christmas Eve made me realize then and for years to come how grateful I am for my family, our health and for everything we have.

Lisa B.