Women in Discipleship

Women in Discipleship is a scripture-based Bible study designed to help women grow in a deeper relationship with the Lord. This study gives a better understanding of the connection between the Old Testament and the New Testament, a clearer view of God’s unique plan for our lives and strengthens our desire to know Jesus in a more personal way. Through our discussions and time together we also form wonderful friendships.

We will begin a series called Our Emotions. All of us have to deal with emotions as it is part and parcel of being human. We are capable of profound sorrow, incredible joy, strong anger, bitterness or resentment because of hurt or betrayal, as well as deep love and caring. We also often experience emotions that tend to frighten us which can hinder our growth as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

All women of the parish are invited to join us beginning Wednesday, September 14, 2016; 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. in the church library. We will seek the Lord’s answers looking to understand how we are empowered to live as He intends for us to live – to the praise of His glory.