The Rev. Lorena Ringle

The Rev. Lorena Ringle devotes herself to a thriving, vital process of nurturing children, youth and adults in their faith development in her role as Director of Christian Formation and as an ordained deacon in the Episcopal Church.

For more than two decades, Deacon Lorena has served to educate children and families in their faith and service to God in her role as Director of Christian Formation at Christ Church. As a deacon she strives to teach that to be a person in the family of Christ is to welcome compassionately those whose suffering is within our reach. Deacon Lorena cherishes all Christian families, no matter what form they take and feels called to lead families in the church to see and serve the needs in “the least of these” (Matthew 25:31-46) in the world.

Our program for Christian Formation is well established with a proven track record. Adults, children and families will benefit from our warm and caring community. Examine our curriculum, our programs, and meet our parish members. Come join us! For a personal conversation about your faith journey contact Deacon Lorena.